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Here you find an overview of the services and partners of MS Industrie AG.

In its function as holding company, MS Industrie AG offers services to internal portfolio companies as well as external clients. The focus of services lies on corporate finance, controlling and reporting, risk management, corporate governance, and transaction advisory services. For the implementation of extensive projects, MS Industrie AG employs the know-how and resources of GCI Management Consulting GmbH of which it holds a 20% stake.

GCI Management is a consulting firm for entrepreneurs and managers of medium-sized enterprises and units of larger groups. Laying the focus on corporate finance and performance management, GCI Management is active in the German-speaking countries, central and eastern Europe as well as Asia and North America, since 1991.

GCI Management pursues an implementation-focused and pragmatic consulting approach that results in a measurable improvement of essential balance sheet and P&L positions for its clients. GCI Management has comprehensive know-how especially in the areas of restructuring and reorganization, interim management, M&A, and corporate finance.

From their point of view as managers and shareholders of medium-sized companies, the partners and directors of GCI Management are familiar with the daily challenges of corporate management and see themselves equally as entrepreneurs, investors and advisors.

MS Industrie Verwaltungs GmbH provides back office functions such as accounting, reporting, controlling, human resources, and IT to the operational units of MS.

Elektromotorenwerk Grünhain GmbH (EMGR) was founded in 1951 under the name “VEB Elektromotorenwerk Grünhain”. With a long tradition, the company is today a successful manufacturer of customer-specific electric motors in various designs – as well as related products. As a speciality, EMGR has its own aluminium die casting foundry. In addition to its own requirements, it also supplies external customers, above all from the automotive industry. In order to further expand its business activities in terms of organic growth, EMGR will intensify its sales activities in other European countries. In addition, EMGR offers specially developed e-mobility solutions for load applications in the bicycle and tricycle sector.

Beno Immobilien GmbH invests into the asset class of “light industrial real estate” following a clear long-term “buy & hold” approach. The company focuses on the acquisition, financing, management, and optimization of real estate objects with existing tenants of excellent credit rating. Due to their broad base of solid medium-sized companies, the German-speaking regions represent the main focus of investment activities.

Solutions are offered to companies that are searching for an option to sell their operational property. BENO acquires these properties with the intent of achieving a long-term lease – in a commercial context, but mainly for industrial properties. BENO currently holds and manages properties of Elektromotorenwerke Grünhain GmbH in Grünhain and of MS Ultraschall Technologie GmbH in Spaichingen. MS Industrie AG holds below 20% stake in the BENO-group and an additional 6% stake in each of the respective property vehicles, namely SK Immobilien GmbH and MS Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG.

GCI BridgeCapital

As part of MS Industrie group, GCI BridgeCapital GmbH leases 13.5 ha of land in Leipzig/Wiederizsch to the operator of solar power plant (MR3W Solarpark Leipzig GmbH & Co. KG, Augsburg) of which it also holds a 10% stake.

GCI BridgeCapital is a 100% subsidiary of MS Industrie AG.

b&p engineering mobility GmbH develops innovative e-mobility solutions for bicycles and freight bikes. The company is active both as an engineering service provider for well-known customers and as a complete solution provider with its own production competence.