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Managing Board & Supervisory Board

The management and supervisory boards of MS Industrie AG are committed to the further successful development of MS Industrie AG with years of experience in industry, consulting and finance.

Managing Board

  • Dr. Andreas Aufschnaiter

    Board of Directors MS Industrie AG

    After studying at the Universities of Innsbruck and Venice, Dr. Andreas Aufschnaiter started his career as a consultant with Arthur Andersen in Vienna. He has been with the company since the foundation of the original GCI in 1991.

  • Armin Distel

    Board of Directors MS Industrie AG

    Since graduating as Dipl.-Ing. (FH) in Precision Engineering in 1990, Armin Distel has worked for today's MS Industrie Group, and has been part of the management since 2006. Armin Distel is a member of the Managing Board of MS Industrie AG since 1 January 2013.

Supervisory board

  • Karl-Heinz Dommes

    Chairman of the Supervisory Board

    Business Advisor, Hausen am Tann

  • Reto A. Garzetti

    Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board

    Business economist, Zurich (Switzerland)

  • Silke Bader

    Member of the Supervisory Board

    Lawyer, Munich