MS Industrie AG - Focused Strategy

The MS Industrie AG (WKN: 585518), headquartered in Munich, is the listed parent company of a focused industrial group with the business areas powertrain technology (“Powertrain Technology Group”: systems and components for heavy-duty combustion engines and transmission housings) and ultrasonic technology (“Ultrasonic Technology Group”: special machines and ultrasonic systems and components). Key customer industries include the global commercial vehicle and passenger car industry, followed by the packaging machine industry and general mechanical and plant engineering.

As part of its strategy, the MS Industrie AG concentrates primarily on organic growth and investments within its existing industrial core competencies, accompanied by complementary services.

See the legal structure of MS Industrie AG, its organs and locations as well as how it has developed into a successful group of companies since its foundation in 1991.

Learn more about the various segments and business areas of MS Industrie AG – from automotive components and automotive systems for modern engines to innovative ultrasonic solutions for welding, sealing, cutting, separating welding and punching.

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